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Collections: motocross/Dirt Bikes/Dual Sport

Vendor: Watt Power Sports



Special Notes:

Notes for Kit Item: Ram Mounts Double Socket Arm For 1" Ball Bases Standard - 3"

  • *Overall length: 3.69".
    *Socket-to-Socket length: 3".

  • Mirror kit allows for easy mounting and easy articulation. Allowing for a variety of positions.
  • 1.75" arm makes for a more compact package, 3" arm gives better visibility and folds farther into the center of the bike.
  • Indestructible- Made from reinforced Zytel
  • Excellent visibility- SAE spec convex lens
  • Easy to fold, remove, or swap between bikes
  • Guaranteed against breakage
  • Mirror Dimensions = 135mm x 90mm (5.25" x 3.5")
  • Overall length = 175mm (7")
  • Made in the USA
  • Recommended for applications where mirror will be extended most of the time, although it still folds very well (Adventure Bikes).
  • Easy to fold or remove - Having 2 ball joints allows the mirror to tuck away, no matter what bike you are riding. Being able to control the tension on the joints allows you to adjust the mirror at a light tension, and then lock it in. The entire mirror can be taken off without tools, leaving just an unobtrusive ball.
  • Position anywhere- No matter what your bike or position, you can set the mirror to give you the best view.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -