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Pedal Commander PC152 for Can-Am X3



Collections: Performance

Vendor: Watt Power Sports



  • Maverick X3 (2017-present)
  • equipped with bluetooth for full smartphone control.
  • Nowadays, vehicles are notorious for their delayed throttle response because they use a drive-by-wire system that monitors the position of the gas pedal to control the throttle electronically, similar to a dimmer switch. The problem with this setup is that the signal from the pedal has to first be sent the ECU, which in turn then sends the signal to the actuator motor that controls the throttle body itself. This delay is most noticeable when trying to speed up to merge with fast moving traffic or pass a slower moving car. That's where the Pedal Commander comes in. The Pedal Commander Bluetooth Throttle Response Controller will eliminate that delayed throttled response, and will give your Can-Am a drastic night and day difference in performance.