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Risk Racing mud grip



Collections: motocross/Dirt Bikes/Dual Sport

Vendor: Risk racing




    The Mud Grip is designed for use with MX and ATV grips, as well as MTB and BMX grips. They can also be used with bark busters. When using with ATVs, MTBs or bark busters, simply cut off the flanges or ends to allow them to fit properly. Every rider should keep a pair in their gear bag for those unexpected mud rides!
  • Slide over your grip when riding in mud or rain.
  • Makes a slippery grip feel dry.
  • Ultra-thin design does not affect grip diameter.
  • More control, less arm pump, increased safety
  • Slips over any MX, ATV, MTB, or BMX grip.
  • PRO TIP: Wash Mud Grips after race & re-use.