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Snorkel kit for John Deere Gator 850i 855i 860i



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Vendor: SYA



APPLICATION : John Deere Gator 850i 855i 860i


  • Rubber boot connections for easy disassembly

  • All SYA Snorkel kits come with detailed instructions and Color pictures for an easy installation

  • This is a 2" Snorkel kit - All hard pipe kit

  • Add Traditional Pre Filter to this snorkel kit

  • This kit comes 100% glued and fully assembled for an easy install

  • Comes with Vent lines and connectors

  • This is a full and complete snorkel kit

  • No Tuning or jetting needed with our kits


SYA makes the highest quality and most comprehensive snorkel kit in the industry. Our SYA Snorkels are the best looking and most professional appearing kits on the market. From fit to finish, our Snorkel kits are not only built to perform, they are built to look good while doing it. There are no returns or refunds on any brand of snorkel. Note: You have to cut/trim some plastic to install most Snorkel kits.