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Traditional Stealth Snorkel kit for King Quad 450-500-700-750



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Vendor: Watt Power Sports



APPLICATION : SUZUKI KING QUAD 450 500 700 750  YEAR : 2005 - 2020


  • Comes with Vent lines and connectors

  • This Snorkel kit solves the known issue of the belt getting wet even in low level wateR


 This Stealth Snorkel kit will fix the known issue of the Belt taking on water even when in shallow water. The issue is the CVT outlet location from the factory. This kit will relocate this duct to a high safe location, solving the issue. This is only a stealth kit and only addresses this known issue. The intake is at a good location for the average rider and does well for moderate riding. If your looking for a full snorkel kit for extreme conditions riding, then see our full Warrior Riser snorkel kit. If your just looking to fix the wet belt issue, this will get it done. 

From fit to finish, our Snorkel kits are not only built to perform, they are built to look good while doing it. There are no returns or refunds on any brand of snorkel. Note: You have to cut/trim some plastic to install most Snorkel kits.