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Tru-Lok 4-Wheel Drive Harness Polaris General



Collections: Maintenance, Performance

Vendor: HD Extreme



This Tru-Lok harness is a plug and play setup! The Tru-Lok WILL NOT throw a code on your dash.  Easy to install, this harness will ensure you are getting full power to your front differential at all times and not the weak and inconsistent power the ECU sends it.  Fact of the matter is, if you own a Polaris General, this is a must have upgrade for your unit!  Not only can you prevent some costly internal failures by providing a stronger more consistent electrical signal, but you will also have a much stronger and better feeling 4 wheel drive setup you can count on.  Do not be fooled by imitations, the Tru-Lok harness is the original harness of its kind, designed on the race course for racers. Built with marine grade components, it has been battle tested for years in the nastiest hill climbs, the fastest races, and the deepest and wettest mud holes.