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Vent Tube Bellow



Collections: Maintenance

Vendor: HD Extreme




From mud riding to all out racing, a vent tube bellow is a must have for all riders!  Installing a snorkel kit?  Like taking your rig in deep mud and water?  Ever found yourself in a roll over situation?  No matter the situation, by simply installing a vent tube bellow, you will keep good clean oil in your differential or transmission and keep water, dirt, and other contaminants out!

Polaris front differentials use only a small amount of oil.  In a roll over situation, your front differential can be completely drained of oil in less than a minute.  Once flipped back over and running you are destroying your internals by starving it of oil!  The same holds true of your vital transmission oil.  By simply installing a vent tube bellow on your transmission, you will keep oil in, and off of hot exhaust and turbo components.  This will greatly reduce the risk of fire and a total loss of your unit.

If you like to go deep in mud and water, and you don’t have your front differential and transmission sealed completely, you have a recipe for disaster.  Simply installing a vent tube bellow can help keep your clean oil in and the nasty contaminants out.

As you drive your unit, differentials and transmissions warm up and cool down.  When riding or parking in dusty areas, air is pushed in and out of your vent tube as it heats and cools.  This allows dirt and dust in the air to be drawn into your front differential and transmission alike.  This can lead to premature wear of bearings and vital components and eventually catastrophic failure.

• Keeps good clean oil in
• Keeps contaminants out

Polaris RZR – ALL
Polaris Ranger – ALL
Polaris General – ALL
Polaris ATV – ALL