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WHITE- Street Series 3x3 4-LED Cube Spot Lights Boxed in Pair (Pair) 32-Watts Total & 2800 LUX




Vendor: Watt Power Sports



Looking for increased visibility while docking your boat? Wish your boat’s deck was illuminated better at night? Marine Sport® Lighting’s 3X3 marine grade LED spotlight pairs are the perfect solution for providing a blast of convenient light wear you need it, when you need it.

Marine Sport Lighting’s RSSS3X3PR-W marine grade LED search light features a total of 32 watts of CREE LED diode power, producing 2,000 lux of output, which means increased visibility during those late-night cruises on the water.

The pair of RSSS3X3PR-W LED spots is fastened with a rubber grommet and injection sealant to provide IP68 rated defense against water intrusion and environmental attack which means you have the visibility to land that fish no matter the weather conditions.

Marine Sport® Lighting is so convinced that we provide the highest quality marine grade led products around, that we’re willing to stand behind our marine grade LED spotlight pairs with three-year warranty.

Marine Sport® Lighting offers you the highest quality marine grade LED products for your boat. The RSSS3X3PR-W 3X3 marine grade LED spotlight pairs are another great example of that cause. Give your boat the Marine Sport® Lighting treatment and we’ll see you on the water.